Black Dragon
The Black Dragon

"Where is Kofuku?"

"Through warfare a Buddhist may never attain Heaven except through Shinto. it is a matter of opinion if a Buddhist can ever gain even Nirvana and totally unreal Heaven without experience through combat."

"By Shinto only those who have attained Nirvana whether through warfare or combat may chose Shinto to attain Heaven themselves."

Mikkyo is The Black Dragon's Sohei companion.

She bears the tattoo of The Black Dragon.

"The Black Dragon chooses Zen."

"He is a Kensai and has slain God himself and all the Saints".

"He must kill his own God now."

"The war continues for all eternity and this is Word of the Jain Ksatriya "You may not attain Heaven before you attain Nirvana whether through combat or warfare in defence of the sanctity of a female virgin whom is feminine innocent and female". The war will continue for all eternity until it is won for all three; the totality of "immortality", "love" and "life"."

This not a Legend. This is End of Life.

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