Like Snow
Chapter 03
Chapter Information
Kanji 雪のような
Rōmaji Yuki no Yōna
Page Count 62
Volume Number Volume 01
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Like Snow (雪のような, Yuki no Yōna) is the third chapter of the ノラガミ Noragami manga series written by Adachitoka. It was first released in February, 2011.


In order to get her body fixed, Hiyori goes off to search for someone who is willing to become Yato's now Blessed Vessel. Unfortunately she doesn't know the difference between Phantoms and actual dead people, which lands the pair in front of a Phantom trying to eat them. As they run away, Yato comes across the soul of a dead teen aged boy and turns him into his Blessed Vessel, bestowing him with the name Yukine, named Sekki as a Regalia, who takes on the form of a guard-less Katana. With his new weapon Yato easily defeats the Phantom, though being a teenager Yukine turns out to be troublesome.



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