Name Nora
Kanji 野良
Rōmaji Nora
Alt. name Mizuchi (螭, by Father)
Hiiro (緋, formerly by Yato)
Furuhime (零姫, by Rabō)
Tsutsumi (筒弥, by Ebisu)
Eyami (疫, by Takemikazuchi)
Race Shinki
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Purple
Occupation Father's Shinki
Yato's Shinki (formerly)
Rabō's Shinki (anime only)
Ebisu's Shinki
Takemikazuchi's Shinki
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga debut Twilight
Anime debut A Housecat, A Stray God, and a Tail (mentioned only)
Bidden Calamity
Japanese voice Rie Kugimiya
English voice Lauren Landa
Image Gallery

Nora (野良?) is a former shinki of Yato and also Rabō. She has multiple names and owners, notably Ebisu and Takemikazuchi, though she is seen working for Yato and "Father".



Nora appears to be a very petite girl with straight black hair that is around chin length and has deep purpled, almost black, eyes. She also wears a hitaikakushi and pale coloured lipstick.

She is most commonly seen wearing a white robe with a red and gold sash. The robe is worn similarly to a shinishozuku indicating that she's not a living person. She wears sandals on her feet along with white split-toed socks.

Additionally, her person is adorned with the kanji representing the names given to her by her many masters.


Nora, at first comes off as very gentle and kind. She seems to care deeply for Yato, and continually prompts him to use her, because she was once a human and all she wanted was to have a family that cared about her. That however did make her greedy enough that she turned to violence.

Later, it is revealed how manipulating and cruel she is. She tries to kill Yukine, as well as taunt him, due to the fact that he was impure, but also because she wants Yato to use her instead of him. She also tries to kill Hiyori due to how close she has gotten to Yato and believing she has softened him.

She is depicted to show interest in anything with beauty, as shown when she commented on Yukine's eyes.

She, just as Yato, is influenced and controlled by the actions and demands of "Father," whom we later find out is Fujisaki Kouto. Although she is initially seen as a villian, she's another puppet in the grand scheme of Yato's family.

Alternate NamesEdit


Nora demonstrating the variety of names she was given.

As a Stray, Nora has multiple owners and thus, multiple names. She also takes on different forms when different masters summon her.

  • As "Father's" shinki, her name is Mizuchi (螭, a mythological aquatic monster which resembles a hornless dragon), her weapon name is Chiki (螭器). Her weapon form is a shakujō.
  • As Yato's shinki (former), her name was Hiiro (緋, meaning "scarlet") and her weapon name was Hiki (緋器). She used to become a water-transforming sword with wooden hilt. Yato only called her Hiiro when they were working together, and called her Nora when they aren't. Rabō also called her Hiiro once in the end of Episode 7 of the anime.
  • As Ebisu's shinki, her name is Tsutsu (筒, meaning "gun barrel"), her human name is Tsutsumi (筒弥) and her weapon name is Touki (筒器). She becomes a gun. This name only appears in the manga.
  • As Takemikazuchi's shinki, her name is Eyami (疫, meaning "plague"). Any further information regarding this form of Nora's is yet to be revealed.
  • As Rabō's shinki, her name is Furu (零, meaning "zero"), her human name is Furuhime (零姫) and her weapon name is Reiki (零器). Her weapon form is a samurai sword with decorative red hilt and sheath. This name only appears in the anime.
  • Other than the above names, kanji characters that can be recognized (or close to those shown in the manga) are 臣 (omi/shin, meaning "retainer"), 規 (nori/ki, meaning "standard"), 介 (yuki/kai, meaning "shellfish"), 合 (an/gou, meaning "join"), and 杞 (yagi/kou, meaning "willow").
  • Thong girl

Abilities and SkillsEdit

As a shinki, Nora is known to have various skills and special abilities:

  • Water-transforming (manga) / Water-based attacks (anime): This is a special ability only attainable as Yato’s weapon Hiki. She is able to transform her blade into water to become Yato’s shield or impact absorber, or splashes some on Yato’s face when needed. This ability is shown in the manga many times during a mission to save Ebisu in the underworld. In the anime however, this ability is also used by Rabō’s weapon Furuhime/Reiki, and changed from water-transforming blade to water-based attacks. The common cue to her appearance is the sound of water drops.
  • Shape-shifting: This is a special ability only attainable as a Stray. When her names are called, Nora can change her weapon forms from one into another and shifts her position from one owner to another, as long as her owners are near her. This ability is shown in Chapter 32 during the fight between Yato and Ebisu.
  • Boundary: This is the basic skill of a shinki. In episode 5 of the anime, Yato implied that Nora could use Boundary, although her Boundary was not as strong as Yukine’s. She can only use this skill in her human form. This skill however is yet to be seen in the manga, and is never shown in the anime.
  • Restraint: In the manga Nora is yet to use this skill, but in the anime she used it in episode 6 to stop Kinki from biting Yato. She can only use this skill in her human form.
  • Controlling : She is one of the few entities that are able to control masked phantoms. She used wolf-like masked phantoms to attack Hiyori in chapter 9 of the manga, and episode 10 in the anime. In chapter 27 of the manga, she also used these masked phantoms to kidnap Yato. She uses this skill in her human form.
  • Zan / Rend: This ability is only attainable as Yato’s weapon Hiki. When Yato uses Zan, she is able to cut anything and everything. This skill is only used in the manga and is shown in the anime as flashbacks, albeit never named. In the anime, it is known that she can also do the same as Rabō’s weapon Reiki, although the skill was never named. It is however unknown whether she is able to perform Yato’s other skill, Zetsu / Sunder.
  • Memory Fragmentation: Nora is seen to have the ability to take people's memories and morph it into the form of a small jewel-like fragment. This ability is only shown in the anime in episode 10. She uses this ability in her human form.


Being a Stray, Nora's relationships with many of the characters is filled with distrust and malice.

  • Yato: A master Nora toys with. As one of her long-time users, she is fond towards Yato and often seeks for the chance for Yato to use her again. Whenever Yato leaves Nora, she often disturbs him and his emotions, taunting him so that he returns to her. She feels happy whenever Yato returns into using her while disregarding his feelings. Later on, Yato finally releases her of being his Shinki.
  • Rabō (anime only): One of Nora’s masters. As they have a common goal, which is to force Yato to return to his old life, she gives all the information Rabō needs so they can drag Yato back into the world of killing.
  • "Father": Her true master, also known as Fujisaki Kouto. Nora has told Yato many times that she only listens to Father’s orders. In the manga, the relationship between the two is similar to that between Yato and Father, in which it's a manipulative and one sided one. Father directs Nora and demands her to complete tasks quickly and sufficiently. In chapter 45, Nora is physically punished by Father for not completing a task.
  • Kugaha: A fellow comrade. Kugaha is a Stray like Nora, and she often helps him achieve his evil plans.
  • Yukine: An enemy. As Yukine is close to Yato, Nora used to taunt Yukine into hurting Yato. After Yukine underwent the purification, Nora seems to be no longer interested in him. In recent chapters, Nora has once again been taunting Yukine, but now being countered when reminded that Yato released her of her name which breaks into a fight between them until interrupted by "Father". In chapter 74, however, she seemed to have developed feelings for him and kissed him.
  • Hiyori: A formidable enemy. As Hiyori is close to Yato, Nora tries to attack her using masked phantoms. Even after her attempts failed, Nora doesn’t give up on breaking the bonds between Hiyori and Yato because to her, Hiyori is a "bad influence" to Yato.


Nora had a long time relationship with Yato, having met shortly after Yato was created. Father introduced them, but it was not very clear from where she originated from. In chapter 47, Sakura (one of Yato's former regailias) takes notice of the name 'Mizuchi' on her back. This implies that before becoming Yato's shinki, she worked for "Father" (see below). Nevertheless, her and Yato had been slaying people and shinki together. Her name when she became Yato’s shinki was Hiiro/Hiki.

Just as it was revealed that Nora was involved with Father (父様, totosama), it was also noted that Yato was also related to this entity because Fujisaki wished for a god of calamity so Yaboku was made, since gods are made from wishes. Up until now, her history as a human remains unknown.

However, in chapter 68 (?) of the manga, when Bishamon is fighting against Fujisaki (Father), she shouts out to him and asks him how he's able to speak about a 'God's Greatest Secret' so openly. He later reveals that Nora already knows her past and her real name, but does not become a phantom.

Prior to the start of the series, Nora had been working for other gods, because Yato hadn’t been summoning her.



  • It is once assumed that the title Noragami referred to her status as a Stray; although it actually referred to Yato and his stray-like life as a lesser-known god.
  • Actually, nora is not a name. Every shinki with more than one name (consequently, more than one master) is a nora. Yato uses term "Nora" to refer to her in order to avoid calling the name he had given her way back in their childhood (Hiiro).
  • The character for the name Eyami (疫) - Nora's name as Takemikazuchi's shinki - can be seen on her left forearm as early as her first appearance in the series.
  • Due to being a stray — a shinki which is considered dishonorable for a god to have — Nora's "owners" do not give her a compound given name to include her in their respective "shinki clans".
    • An exception to this is Ebisu, who includes Nora in his "-mi" (弥) clan as Tsutsumi, most probably due to the fact that he sees the use of strays as an acceptable practice and owns quite a few of them.

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