Amaterasu ōmikami
Name: Amaterasu ōmikami
Kanji: 天照
Rōmaji: 'Amaterasu'
Other Name(s): Her Majesty (宮様, Miya-sama)
Race: God
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde or Silver
Eyes: unknown light color
Occupation: Sun Goddess
Personal Status
Relative(s): Izanagi (father)
Ebisu (older brother)
Kagutsuchi (older brother)
Tsukuyomi-no-mikoto (younger brother)
Susanoo-no-mikoto (younger brother)
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Chapter 36
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Amaterasu (天照) is the Sun Goddess, as well as the Highest Goddess who stands at the top of Heaven. She appeared as the mystery girl who told Kofuku how to rescue Yato from the Underworld. The next time she appears, she orders Yato's execution for high treason right after she seals Yukine in a box for all eternity.


Ametarasu appears to be a young girl.


Underworld ArcEdit

Amaterasu first appears in Chapter 36, behind a post where she peeks at the group of Hiyori, Yukine, Kofuku and Daikoku gathered where Ebisu was executed by the Heaven's Execution Force. Hiyori notices her first and she and Yukine confront her. Yukine claims she is one of the Execution Force and proceeds to ask her if they can help her with anything to which Amaterasu answers she is not someone worth helping and that no one knows she went to them. Yukine then asks her what she wants and states that he is sure she is aware of what has just occured. Amaterasu says she is and that whatever Yukine wants her to tell, she cannot say as "Heaven is righteous and absolute. And it must never bow down or apologize to anyone, no matter what." Amaterasu tells her reason for being there (her sentence was cut off).

Later, she is seen whispering to Kofuku's ear. Kofuku is shown gleaming to whatever Amaterasu told her. Amaterasu disappears right after. Kofuku bows down to her.

Kofuku later reveals that Amaterasu told her of the way to bring Yato and Bishamon back to the human world from the underworld, the Soul Call - a technique that can recall someone from the underworld by a living human by calling them by their real name. Amaterasu states that if they call Yato by his real name, "I'm sure it will make him happy."[1]  It is yet unknown why she shared that information on Soul Call to them.




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