Akira Yamashita
Name: Akira Yamashita
Kanji: 山下晶
Rōmaji: Yamashita Akira
Other Name(s): Yama-chan (by Hiyori)
Race: Japanese
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Green
Occupation: High School Student
Personal Status
Status: Alive
Manga Debut: Noragami Chapter 01
Anime Debut: Noragami Episode 01
Japanese Voice: Minami Takahashi
English Voice: Morgan Mabry (Season 1)
Dawn M. Bennett (Season 2)
Akira Yamashita (山下晶) aka Yama-chan is one of Hiyori's friends from school.

Appearance Edit

She has short brown hair and green eyes. She is most often seen wearing her middle and later high school uniform.

Personality Edit

Yama is a tomboy with a loud, friendly personality. She is shown to desire being popular, as shown in episode 10 when she prayed twice to be popular, saying it was that important. Like Ami, she is kind and supportive of Hiyori but also likes to tease her as shown when Hiyori said she was going to meet a younger boy she pretended to announce to everyone that Hiyori was having illciit relations with a younger boy. She also showed slight jealousy Hiyori had a "boyfriend", showing Yama has strong interest in boys. This is reinforced in chapter 27 where it is shown that she has a crush on Fujisaki , but is too shy to ask him for his email so begs Hiyori to do so. However, she ends up dating his friend Abe instead since she spent more time with him on the group date and because he shared many things in common with her. In chapter 58, Hiyori discovers her boyfriend is her soulmate.

She is not very smart as she often gets held back in class for make up exams. She often worries for Hiyori when she falls asleep, often crying out that Hiyori has fallen asleep again.

Plot Edit

She was shown with Ami and Hiyori as they looked at the missing poster for the cat Milord. She witnessed Hiyori get hit by a truck in order to save Yato but didn't actually see Yato. She and Ami called an ambulance for Hiyori. She is most often seen hanging out with Ami and Hiyori at or after school. It is revealed by Ami that she has had struggles with her grades and barely passed her placement exam. She asks Hiyori to get Fujisaki's number and email since she was too shy, causing Fujisaki to think Hiyori was interested in him though she quickly corrected him. In chapter 30, she then went on a group date with Hiyori, Ami, Yama, Fujisaka and two of Fujisaki's male friends Seki and Abe but instead of Fujisaki she ended up dating Abe instead since he held similar interests as her such as being a fan of Hyakki Youko/Archfiends, a visual kei band. Later, after Hiyori's family is barraged with lawsuits, she and Ami stay by her side and do their best to support her.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a fan of visual Kei bands, especially Hyakki Youko/Hundred Archfiends.
  • The reason she was initially interested in Fujisaki is because he looked like the lead singer of her favorite visual kei band (though the two actually don't share much resemblance).
  • Her full name was revealed in chapter 31, when she revealed she had obtained her first boyfriend.